Documentazione e software

Documentazione e software

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La gestione documentale: il ciclo di vita dei documenti informatici e la loro efficacia probatoria

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documentazione e software

Data Science and Deep Learning. Signal Processing and Wireless Communications. Control Systems. Image Processing and Computer Vision. Parallel Computing. Test and Measurement. Computational Finance. Computational Biology. Bioinformatics Toolbox SimBiology. Application Deployment. Event-Based Modeling. SimEvents Stateflow. Physical Modeling. Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Real-Time Simulation and Testing. Code Generation.Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes.

documentazione e software

Call us today for a fast, free consultation. For free software advice, call us now! Showing 1 - 20 of products. Bridge is an employee development platform built specifically for employees and managers.

It provides peer-to-peer practice, live in-person training, external learning, online courses, mentorship, manager s, goal tracking and peer Read more. Recent recommendations: recommendations. Professionals can utilize the platform to develop Recent recommendations: 47 recommendations. BizLibrary is a leading provider of online learning for growing organizations. Their award-winning microlearning video library engages employees of all levels, and their learning management system is a progressive catalyst for achievement Recent recommendations: 46 recommendations.

Absorb LMS. Absorb LMS is a powerful cloud-based learning management system LMS designed to boost engagement and learning outcomes, while still being incredibly scalable and usable. Clients marvel at how quickly they can get up and running, Recent recommendations: 32 recommendations. SkyPrep LMS is a cloud-based learning management solution that offers a platform to training administrators for creating, managing and selling training courses.

Key features include custom branding, automated learner enrollment and Coassemble is a cloud based learning management solution LMS that allows training administrators to create, manage and deliver online education.

documentazione e software

The solution is compatible with Android and iOS devices and enables users to access Recent recommendations: 23 recommendations. Prosperity LMS. Ziiva's suite of Prosperity software systems is designed to help businesses manage their employee training programs.

It is suitable for businesses of all size and kind to deliver an end-to-end learning management solution. Recent recommendations: 19 recommendations. Cornerstone OnDemand. Cornerstone OnDemand is a powerful, configurable platform that offers enterprise-level organizations a fully integrated talent management suite designed to ensure that the business can recruit, train, and effectively manage all of Recent recommendations: 12 recommendations. Intertek Alchemy. Recent recommendations: 11 recommendations.

The solution allows users to distribute learning content to company employees, create Recent recommendations: 9 recommendations. Thought Industries. Thought Industries offers a cloud-based customer training platform designed to suit the needs of business across multiple industries including software, manufacturing, professional training, continued education, continued medical education, Moodle is a cloud-based learning management solution that provides businesses and educational institutions with tools to design customizable training courses.You can expect detail-enhancing clarity from exceptional optics and all-day comfort from advanced ergonomics.

Contact a local specialist for expert advice on the right clinical microscope for your needs and budget. Uniquely Ergonomic System Microscope.

Ergonomic optical microscope systems for routine and research applications. Leica DM Microscopes are designed for accurate clinical diagnostics.

While they are ideal for routine tasks, there is no compromise in the performance or range of features for more advanced techniques.

With a rugged, solid design combined with excellent optics, Leica DM Microscopes can be equipped with a full range of accessories. Area of Application Clinical Microscopy. Home Solutions Clinical Microscopy.

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documentazione e software

Sales responsibility for clinical microscopy solutions is transferred as of January Seamless transition : Solutions are produced by Leica Microsystems Orders will be processed and delivered on time by Leica Microsystems Full service and maintainance with continuity during and after the transfer.

Why use Leica microscopes for Clinical Microscopy? The entire stage design is compact and requires minimal space The stage plate is built to last. Clinical Microscopy Products 5. Show 2 more products Product archive.Compare product reviews and features to build your list. What is e-Prescribing Software? All Products. Sort by:. Why Capterra is Free. Select Filters. Recommended Filters. Prescription Cancellation. Prescription Renewals. Pricing Options.

Free Trial. Monthly Subscription.

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Annual Subscription. One-Time License. Popular Features. Clinical Alerts. Drug Reference Database. Electronic Prior Authorization. Formulary Management. Medication History. Refill Management. Installed - Windows. Installed - Mac. Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS. Reset Filters. Apply Filters. Filter Results 9 Recommended Filters.

Intelligent Medical Software View Profile.

Software documentation

View Profile. Learn more about Intelligent Medical Software. Add to Compare. ScriptSure View Profile. Cloud-Based E-Prescribing application for use by all provider specialties.

Learn more about ScriptSure.Innovazione e gestione dei programmi sincronizzata e collaborativa per i nuovi programmi. Integration of mechanical, software and electronic systems technologies for vehicle systems. Innovazione dei prodotti attraverso la gestione efficace di processi integrati di formulazione, confezionamento e produzione.

Supply chain collaboration in design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical assets. Visibility, compliance and accountability for insurance and financial industries. Innovazione nella cantieristica navale per ridurre i costi di sviluppo delle future flotte in modo sostenibile. Siemens PLM Software, a leader in media and telecommunications software, delivers digital solutions for cutting-edge technology supporting complex products in a rapidly changing market.

Faster time to market, fewer errors for Software Development. Remove barriers and grow while maintaining your bottom line. Creazione rapida e facile di disegni tecnici da modelli 3D tramite strumenti per la messa in tavola altamente efficienti. Il software per la messa in tavola crea automaticamente le viste di disegno da modelli di assiemi e parti 3D e consente di allineare e ridimensionare le viste e di organizzare i fogli di disegno. Gli strumenti di annotazione completi a disposizione consentono di documentare i disegni insieme ai requisiti di produzione.

Le funzioni avanzate di monitoraggio delle modifiche riducono i tempi di controllo dei disegni ed eliminano gli errori. NX makes it easy to comply with major national and international drafting standards. Simply select your desired standard to make sure that all elements of your drawings are in compliance.

E-Series and SANtricity

NX Layout is an easy-to-use 2D concept design solution for NX, which is integrated with a common user interface in proven technology. It enhances 2D conceptual design with the use of intelligent, designcentric, re-usable objects called 2D components. Automatically creating an assembly based on a layout accelerates the product design phase by allowing you to explore concepts in 2D, and iterate and transfer it to 3D.

Since it eliminates the need to maintain multiple systems to solve 2D design requirements, NX Layout also reduces the cost of training, maintenance and implementation. NX delivers synchronous technology for 2D, an advanced capability that accelerates editing of 2D CAD data -- even files from other systems.Software documentation is written text or illustration that accompanies computer software or is embedded in the source code.

The documentation either explains how the software operates or how to use it, and may mean different things to people in different roles. Documentation is an important part of software engineering. Types of documentation include:. Requirements documentation is the description of what a particular software does or shall do.

It is used throughout development to communicate how the software functions or how it is intended to operate. It is also used as an agreement or as the foundation for agreement on what the software will do.

Requirements are produced and consumed by everyone involved in the production of software, including: end userscustomersproject managerssalesmarketingsoftware architectsusability engineersinteraction designersdevelopersand testers.

Requirements comes in a variety of styles, notations and formality. Requirements can be goal-like e. They can be specified as statements in natural languageas drawn figures, as detailed mathematical formulasand as a combination of them all.

The variation and complexity of requirements documentation makes it a proven challenge. Requirements may be implicit and hard to uncover.

E-Learning Software

It is difficult to know exactly how much and what kind of documentation is needed and how much can be left to the architecture and design documentation, and it is difficult to know how to document requirements considering the variety of people who shall read and use the documentation.

Thus, requirements documentation is often incomplete or non-existent. Without proper requirements documentation, software changes become more difficult — and therefore more error prone decreased software quality and time-consuming expensive. The need for requirements documentation is typically related to the complexity of the product, the impact of the product, and the life expectancy of the software. If the software is very complex or developed by many people e.

If the software is safety-critical and can have negative impact on human life e. If the software is expected to live for only a month or two e. If the software is a first release that is later built upon, requirements documentation is very helpful when managing the change of the software and verifying that nothing has been broken in the software when it is modified. Traditionally, requirements are specified in requirements documents e.

To manage the increased complexity and changing nature of requirements documentation and software documentation in generaldatabase-centric systems and special-purpose requirements management tools are advocated. Architecture documentation also known as software architecture description is a special type of design document.

In a way, architecture documents are third derivative from the code design document being second derivative, and code documents being first. Very little in the architecture documents is specific to the code itself. These documents do not describe how to program a particular routine, or even why that particular routine exists in the form that it does, but instead merely lays out the general requirements that would motivate the existence of such a routine.

A good architecture document is short on details but thick on explanation. It may suggest approaches for lower level design, but leave the actual exploration trade studies to other documents. Another type of design document is the comparison document, or trade study.

This would often take the form of a whitepaper. It focuses on one specific aspect of the system and suggests alternate approaches. It could be at the user interfacecode, design, or even architectural level. It will outline what the situation is, describe one or more alternatives, and enumerate the pros and cons of each. A good trade study document is heavy on research, expresses its idea clearly without relying heavily on obtuse jargon to dazzle the readerand most importantly is impartial.

It should honestly and clearly explain the costs of whatever solution it offers as best. The objective of a trade study is to devise the best solution, rather than to push a particular point of view.

It is perfectly acceptable to state no conclusion, or to conclude that none of the alternatives are sufficiently better than the baseline to warrant a change. It should be approached as a scientific endeavor, not as a marketing technique.Voce principale: Software. La documentazione software ricopre, a vari livelli, un ruolo molto importante nel processo di sviluppo di un software.

Tra le tipologie di documentazione ricordiamo le seguenti:. I requisiti sono prodotti e utilizzati da tutti i soggetti coinvolti nella produzione di software: gli utenti finali, i clienti, i product manager, il reparto vendite e marketing, gli architetti, gli ingegneri del softwaregli interaction designers, gli sviluppatori o i tester.

Per questa ragione la documentazione dei requisiti ha molti scopi diversi. I requisiti possono essere orientati all'obiettivo es. Possono essere specificati come istruzioni in linguaggio non tecnico, come figure disegnate, come formule matematiche dettagliate oppure come una combinazione di tutti. I requisiti possono essere impliciti e difficile da scoprire. Questo contiene elementi concettuali, logici e fisici di design e include anche informazioni formali che le persone che interagiscono con il database utilizzano.

Ci deve essere del testo allegato per descrivere i vari aspetti del suo funzionamento. Tipicamente la documentazione utente descrive in maniera approfondita tutte le caratteristiche del software e aiuta l'utente ad utilizzare tali funzioni.

Una buona documentazione deve arrivare a fornire all'utente assistenza fino alla completa risoluzione dei problemi in maniera coerente e semplice. Questo tipo di documentazione ha tre scopi principali:.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Questa voce o sezione sull'argomento software non cita le fonti necessarie o quelle presenti sono insufficienti. Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull'uso delle fonti.

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