The sections below discuss each of these generations. With a sporty look and fat tires, the first generation Zuma made it cool to be a scooter rider. It quickly became very popular due to its aggressive styling and 2-stroke motor with substantial performance potential. The CW50 was first launched in the USA and Canada for but this initial offering lasted just two years before taking a hiatus.

Yamaha pulled the CW50 from North America after because of supply shortages caused by its huge popularity in Europe.

Finally in the CW50 returned to Canada. Moreso than any other modern scooter in North America, the CW50 kicked off the aftermarket performance scene. The scooter used a vertical Minarelli motor, for which aftermarket parts were widely available globally and thus a new era of scooter culture was born with countless scooterists installing big bore kits and faster exhaust pipes. The CW50 did receive a few updates over its run. Forthe Zuma gained a two person seat and footpegs to make carrying a passenger an option.Bringing you the top brands, products and packages to transform your scooter.

Our team will put a custom package together to take the guess work out of scooter performance. Hey guys, if your looking to build an engine from scratch, with No machinework, its hard to beat the malossi kits. These come with everything you need, to assemble a View full product details. These cnc levers are DISK brake for elites, honda dio, and honda ruckus, when running If you've changed your bike to disk brake, or simply need a cleaner brake solution.

We have a few options. Here is a simple, no guessing way to make your bike rev out much quicker. This NCY mini mag kit makes a massive difference in throttle response, and how fast Another win by NCY. There is no case cutting required. As always jetting will be required for additional fuel.

Looking for a good 70cc kit that won't break the bank? Look no further than NCY's cast sport cylinder kit for Zuma horizontal. At this price its pretty hard to No more guessing, and wasting time and money on mis-matched parts. This is a kit you can order, and put your entire front end together in an evening. No special This is a great exhaust for your sport, OR stock cylinder. Its relatively quiet also. If you've got a built bike, or a stock bike in need of a new clutch bell, here's your ticket.

Not only is this cnc bell lightweight, but it also VERY limited stock on these, billet taiwan cnc colored trans covers. These are a killer upgrade for your bike! Now these come with needle bearings vs the oem alum piece. Looking for some different wheel options for your grom?

New colored fairing kits for your Honda Dio 2. Now offering complete engine packages. It's a step up from the polini contessa kit. Be prepared to ride wheelies and pick This is a fresh batch, direct from italy.

Not a replica, not a copy. The real deal. Stock is limited on these, all with carbon kevlar silencers. Be aware, ifPlease fill in the fields below ensuring that all information provided is valid.

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Honda dio raffle

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How does Silktide Prospect compare? Address Line 1. Address Line 2. Report for www. Accessibility 9. The following tests contribute to this score: Internal links 9. Experience 7. The following tests contribute to this score: Twitter 0. Marketing 6. Technology 8. The following tests contribute to this score: Printability 0.

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In most cases, websites can share printable stylesheets over many or all pages, as with screen-based stylesheets.Clutch Bell. Drive Belt. Front Sprockets. Rear Sprockets. Roller Sets. Torque Spring. Transmission Kits. Transmission Parts. Exhaust Accessories. Moped Racing Exhausts. Moped Replacement Exhaust.

Quad ATV Exhaust. Scooter Racing Exhausts. Scooter Replacement Exhausts. Engine Parts. Air filter Vehicle Specific. Carburator Racing. Carburator Standard. Crankshaft Bearing. Crank Case. Cylinder Heads. Cylinder Sets Racing. Cylinder Sets standard. Fuel Pump. Gear Shift Lever. Kickstart Lever. Care Products. Workshop Requirements. Brake Parts.Home Zhongyu. Show: 40 Pressure-activated petrol tap with M16 thread for GY6 scooters with metal tanks.

Delivery also includes the small pre-filter pipe that sits in the petrol tank. Only suitable for tanks with threaded connection Made in China. Original replacement part for Chinese scooter brands. As the factory-fitted choice of many vehicle brands, NGK is there when the spark starts to fade. You get an NGK standard spark plug, just like the one fitted to your vehicle. Heating value and plug construction are as the Complete petrol gauge fuel gauge for metal fuel tanks. Suitable for all vehicles with a metal fuel tank.

Gasket for vehicles not fitted with a round exhaust manifold gasket. This is a universal gasket for all flat exhaust manifolds. Solid design and a sheet metal inner ring between the gasket material ensures optimal heat resistance and no blow through. Thickness: 3. Aluminium height adjuster set for rear shocks, from Naraku Performance.

This height adjuster set gives scooters a more dynamic look by raising the back end and looks just plain fast. A must for the stylista. When mounting, the shock must be rotated through 90 degrees.

This is very simply done Aluminum Kickstarter [Light] suitable for Minarelli and Peugeot engines. Brake shoe set with ribbed surface. The ribbed section prevents the over-accumulation of brake dust deposits, which generally lead to glazing and a lack of performance in more common shoes.

Braking performance remains constant, even during longer journeys in the rain. The shoe is somewhat softer than Kevlar alternatives, but Complete tail light bulbs included.

Please compare image with required spare parts for added assurance. Naraku V. Top quality at an affordable price. No start issues as with Chinese alternatives and good drive. Prevents flat sports, and allows you to conveniently drain the float bowls. Complete with E-choke and 84 main jet. Gold anodized aluminium kick-starter with solid kicker head, suitable for various Honda and Kymco scooters.

Great optical detail. Blue anodized aluminium kick-starter with solid kicker head, suitable for various Honda and Kymco scooters. Well priced racing clutch with lighter clutch shoes.

Weight saving means engagement at higher revs.When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More. Save every day by signing up for Offers. By signing up, you agree to Offers. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Includes Today's Best Offers email. From AW Direct. From Autoplicity. From Beach Bikes. From Atomic Mall. From Adam's Premium Car Care.


From Aventuron. Offering a wide range of clothing and accessories to keep you warm, dry, and safe while on your scooter, Scooterwest also sells a number of helmets, gloves, scooter accessories, and all of the parts you could need to fix, maintain, or improve your scooter. Although the store focuses on Vespa, it does offer parts for other scooters as well.

Get New Scooterwest Offers. Get Offer. See More Offers. Get Scooterwest Coupons Sign Up. Start Shopping at Scooterwest. Reveal Code. About Scooterwest Get everything you need for your scooter at Scooterwest. Add a Scooterwest Coupon Found a great deal or code?

Share the savings! Get Started.


Savings Tips Blog Posts view all. How to Get Free Shipping at Wayfair. Related Stores. More Information Offering a wide range of clothing and accessories to keep you warm, dry, and safe while on your scooter, Scooterwest also sells a number of helmets, gloves, scooter accessories, and all of the parts you could need to fix, maintain, or improve your scooter.This is a kickass, rare little bike!

How fast it goes will depend on your tuning. We went out on a limb a few years back, brought in and tested a product nobody here was using, and it turned out to be an amazing kit.

We have a really hard time keeping them in stock, we just got a few more in!

Профиль scooterswapshop

We're currently dishing out over ten custom build invoices a week. We talk customers out of items they don't need, an Let us know what you want, and we will make it happen! No special mocked up photos needed for marketing. I just sneak up behind carter and snap some photos. Going to do a YouTube live for q and a in a few minutes on this build. Mina 50 cases. Fr4 variator, 8" wheel and hub, stinger style 2fast exhaust. MXS intake. Have gears to go with it too.

Needs some cvt pieces to finish and needs timed. Not going to get to this for years so I'd rather sell. Bad arse ruckus rear pulley kit with stage6 clutch and bell! Almost out of these clutches :. The drawing for the ruckus will take place this Friday, on YouTube live. Raffle ends at midnight today for the 2 stroke 70cc swapped ruckus! Tickets are available at scooterswapshop, we also have all the details and video link in the description.

Click the photo for the link! Good luck everyone! No wiring plug and play. We also have a YouTube video on install.

Rear disk, 12 bolt posi diff built and getting locked down in the Hayabusa mini truck. Need brake lines. If your looking for Italian malossi parts we squeezed in an order last minute!


Hit us up if need parts before they potentially close up like polini did! Wash your grubby mitts, take your vitamins and keep doing what you enjoy! Buying an old school sport bike from a sketchy lady down a dirt road down in Cali? Sure why not.

Scooterswapshop beanie

We like to keep things interesting memorexmemories gsxr gsxr chazileezy. Dropped the raffle dio off to one rad rider down in California. Glad it went to a good home. Now to continue the trek towards LA dio af18 af28 scooter moped.

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